I was born (and rode bikes and ate chocolate pudding and drew things) in Clifton, New Jersey and studied visual communications in Delaware. I've worked with galleries and curators across the country and my work has been collected by some really cool people. I continue to draw every day in sketchbooks and at my art table in a secret, magical location in Brooklyn, NY. You can read about my techniques, inspirations and musings in my Blog Section.

I also have a thriving career as a creative director for a large ad agency in NYC. I've worked with the best writers, artists, directors, actors and clients and received my share of accolades, including an Emmy for HBO. (You can see a bunch of that work HERE.) But the one thing that advertising has taught me is the art of listening.

By listening with focused empathy I've learned to help people uncover something deep and meaningful, and in the process, create a piece of art that serves as a reminder so our epiphany doesn't get drowned out by the hums and buzzes of life. I follow up by teaching patrons to do this for themselves using sketchbooks.

I also write songs and play guitar and keys with some freaky-talented dudes. I play with puppets and love reading Dr. Suess aloud, with passion. I'm a Taurus to the core. I love my family more than anything. Trees take a close second. Standing under a waterfall is up there, too.

Feel free to contact me below. Please be patient as you wait for a response. I try to get back to people within 48 hours.

Create. Love.


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