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We are all creators.

We can all connect with our higher consciousness through awareness and listening.

Once I learned how to marry meditation with my daily journaling routine, everything changed. I became less judgmental about my own thoughts and about myself for having them. I started to take moments out of my busy schedule to set intentions. I was able to focus on and overcome challenges.

All artists' work is highly personal. However, we all share a common cosmic consciousness. You experience the same day-to-day concerns and challenges artist have. We are each unique while being the same. This is the duality of life. The ying and yang. The balance we need to maintain because we are human. 

We are all creators. And I believe that we can use that gift to create anything we choose.

I choose to create love.

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-Rick Midler

I designed this backpack to stay mindful that everyone is going through their own challenges, and that it's possible to help people through random acts of art.

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