The Big Bang Boom Print

I never finished the last blog series about the mural. Suffice it to say, it got done!

On the plane, back to JFK, I opened the original sketch on my laptop and started to color it in photoshop. I had a lot of fun exploring how different palates gave the piece a different energy and seemed to expand upon the original idea, rather than wash the original away.

I knew I had to partner with an artist who knew the best way to print these new versions. The printing needed to be a collaboration between me and someone who truly cares about his craft and brings his own artistic vision and style to the project. After researching, getting recommendations and interviewing various printers on the phone, I found Stephen Gross at Brooklyn Editions, about 10 blocks away from me. We worked for a few days, just tweaking the colors and playing with different papers.

I chose three color versions, rather than three sizes. They are all 18x24 inches. I designed a certificate of authenticity to go along with this limited run. 

I may explore the Big Bang Boom idea in other materials. The core concept still resonates with me every day. That it will feel as though people will explode into your life once you decide to do your work for a reason that's greater than yourself.

Please visit my online shop and let me know what you think of the Big Bang Boom Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. And drop me a line telling me how the visual message connects with your life right now.

"Create. Love."