“We Make Magic Together”

PTA Collage 2019 square for websiteb.jpg

Collage on found painting

51 x 41 inches

The PTA of PS321 (my son’s public school in Brooklyn) has an Art Fundraiser every year. It’s a fancy elevated affair. I’ve donated pieces to them in the past. It’s usually and auction and raffle event. But this year I decided to do a collaborative piece with the guests. I wanted them to create something that might be a project in their children’s art classes.

I drew and cut the white and creme colored bottom scene with the figures. The guests chose from my paper selection, cut cloud shapes for me and signed the backs. The backs will never be seen, but it was a nice touch to have them sign their pieces like their kids do.

I adhered the layers back in my studio and sealed it with glaze.

This is the result. We make magic together.

The concept of people coming together to make something happen was a message I wanted to come through to remind the guests and the new owners of this piece that nothing happens alone. It’s with gratitude for moments like this, when parents come together to donate money to make sure our kids get the art supplies they need.

As you might have already guessed, that’s a subject close to my heart.