Born and raised in Clifton, NJ, currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

Rick began his working career as a creative director for a worldwide advertising agency with headquarters in New York City. He received a BS in Visual Communications in 1988. His interest in animation helped bring the internationally recognized M&M’s characters to life in the commercial world and he received an Emmy for his creative work for HBO.

He began pursuing fine art in 2008. A self-taught artist, he learned at a young age by reproducing the art he saw in newspaper comic strips, the books of Dr. Seuss and the surrealistic works of Salvador Dali. He often uses his work as a platform to inspire communication about meditation and is particularly devoted to raising awareness about healing and manifesting self-confidence through creativity, imagination and play. He creates intricate drawings, paintings and collages that visually combine the aesthetics of calligraphy, cloud forms and animation. His recent show “Clouds and Trees,” which included over 50 pieces created between 2017 and 2018, was held at Automatic Studios in DUMBO, Brooklyn. His surrealistic body of work known as the “Cloudman Chronicles” explores the notion of creativity itself and the use of imagination as a powerful tool.

“I am interested in the flow of thought. My work is driven by empathy and the desire to understand and conquer fears that hide among our most profound inner dialogues. By presenting vaporous and drifting cloud forms as persistent outlines I aim to challenge people’s perspectives on the permanence of relationships and loneliness.”



“Cloudman Chronicles” is a visual reflection of the competing notions of ego and higher self, being both mortal and godly. It strives to show the obscured connective tissue of the universe behind the clouds we create for ourselves. Just as clouds drift, change shape, condense and evaporate, so do our individual definitions of our character and identity.

Through a daily meditation practice and the use of sketchbooks as a tool for reflection I have sought to identify, embrace and permanently capture fleeting notions of new and lost relationships. This resulted in accepting the more volatile qualities of my character and the ability to re-shape thoughts by representing them as scenes and visions in the clouds.

I aim for this work to show the power imagination has to alter points of view about our human identity and to question how we balance being alone and being part of a larger social organism.